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At Selly Oak Trust School we do not tolerate any form of bullying. Once we are informed that a child is being bullied it is dealt with swiftly.

Our Lead Person for Anti-Bullying is Ms D McNeil. If parents or carers need to discuss a bullying concern or suggestion please contact Ms McNeil on 0121 472 0876. Students can also speak to Ms McNeil (or any member of staff) and complete an anti-bullying form and put them into an anti-bullying box. 

We promote and celebrate each year the national anti-bullying week by running workshops and competitions.

Following Anti-Bullying Week we have organised an anti-bullying committee made up from students from each year group who will be available in the playground during social time. They will wear blue high visibility vests with peer support on the back. If a student feels that they are being bullied on the playground and don’t want to go to a teacher they will be able to talk to a member of the anti-bullying committee who will then report it to the staff. If the students from this committee see another student being bullied they will report it to the named member of staff.

The students that are found to be bullying others have to go before the anti-bullying committee who will consider appropriate sanctions.

UNICEF UK Rights Respecting School Award

In October 2016, we achieved the UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools award at LEVEL 1. Just prior to this, we received the Assessor’s report which gave examples of good practice found during the assessment process; the following quotes are taken from the report:

“Anti-bullying work is a strong feature of the school with students making a clear connection to Article 19, the right to be safe. All pupils have signed a ‘STOP’ anti-bullying pledge, committing to treat others with fairness and respect, to report any incidents of bullying, and to help others feel safe in school. One Year 11 student described the impact of the anti-bullying committee as follows:

‘They [pupils] see me as a role model, it’s improved their confidence. I help with bullying issues and realise that this is a right.”

Mr Wilkinson – Prevention, Support & Intervention Manager