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Safely Increasing the Number of Students Onsite

All Parents & Carers will receive a copy of the Headteacher's letter about safely increasing the number of students onsite at Selly Oak Trust School in the post in the next few days. The following is an extract from the letter:

You will have heard that the government has directed that primary schools open to selected year groups from the 1st of June. Secondary schools should make arrangements for students in year 10 and year 12 to have some face to face teaching before the summer holiday.

In respect of special schools, we have been advised to increase the number of students attending based upon their individual need rather than age. With the lack of clear advice from government about what this means and when this should start, I have drawn up a phased return to school plan.

Currently we have 22 students attending school and by early July we have capacity for this to increase to 84 students. This means we have 1 place for every 5 students on our roll.

On the 1st of June, you will receive a text from school asking you:- “Do you want your child to come back to school before the summer?” However, before you respond to this question, I would like to share with you what school will be like for your child:

  • Your child will be in a class of 4 lead by a Teacher, Instructor, Cover Supervisor or Teaching Assistant. It is most likely they will stay in this group and their allocated class until the end of term,
  • They are unlikely to be taught in their current class room,
  • They are unlikely to be in a class with their existing friends,
  • The normal school timetable will not be running,
  • Students will do work that we have been posting on our website,
  • We will support their emotional and social development,
  • They will need to follow strict social distancing at all times, during class time, breaktime, lunchtime and during times where they are moving to and from their class,
  • As student numbers increase, to maintain social distancing at lunchtime students will have packed lunches and these will be eaten in different classrooms that will be used on a rota for up to 2 other classes.

It is our aim to keep your child as safe as we can while they attend school. However, it is your decision to request consideration for a school place based on your own personal circumstances and how you feel your child will cope with attending school that is very different from the one they left.

I hope this helps you make an informed choice of what is in the best interests of your child.

We will send you a text a week on Monday (1st June) asking you for your decision. Your link member of staff will also ask you about your decision when they talk to you after half term.

For the full version of the Headteacher's Letter that has been sent out in the post please click here


The letter below contains a statement from the Leader of Birmingham City Council, Cllr Ian Ward, Cabinet Member for Children’s Wellbeing Cllr Kate Booth and Cabinet Member for Education, Skills and Culture Cllr Jayne Francis.

View document safe_reopening_of_schools.pdf