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Travel arrangements

Students are encouraged, where appropriate, to become independent travellers.

Whilst the majority of students that start at Selly Oak travel to school on school transport it is our belief that we need to work with parents to support students to become independent travellers as this supports them in making  progress towards independent living and employability.

Each year during the annual review of statement progress towards independent travel will be explored. When students are identified as being ready to make the next steps towards independent travel arrangement will be made to support travel training

Outline of travel training

Selly Oak has its own dedicated Travel Trainer.

The student will learn the route from home to school – school to home and, where appropriate, they can also learn the route to and from college.

The student is accompanied by our trained travel trainer at all times whilst they travel the chosen route and they are trained in all areas including:

  • zebra, pelican and puffin crossings
  • pedestrian skills
  • crossing roads independently
  • bus skills
  • identifying their bus stops

The training may take a few weeks or a few months – the course is tailored to the individual student’s needs and takes as long as the student needs to learn to travel safely.

When the results show that the student is capable of independent travel, an assessor is sent out with the student to ensure that they are ready.  A meeting is then arranged with the parents/carers to consider the student’s readiness for independent travel and to obtain the parents/carers' consent.

The travel trainer will continue to be available to support the student and their parents/ carers once the student has become independent. The student will receive a school bus pass free of charge for bus travel to and from school.

These are learned journeys which do not affect benefit, for example, Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

Home to school transport - guide for Parents and Carers

The guide is on the link below:

Guide for Parents and Carers