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New School Day FAQs

Below are some of the queries and questions we have already been asked about the new times of the day for September 2017. We will add to this list if we have new queries relevant to all parent and carers. If you have any further questions please contact school on 0121 472 0876

How will reducing the hours of the school day save money if teachers are still doing the same hours?

Teachers will still be on site for their current contractual hours, during the times they are not responsible for students that will undertake other education related activities. This means that they will be available to teach more lessons than they currently do.

In addition to this nearly two thirds of our staff team are support staff and as a result of the change of the school day, their hours will be reduced. This will result in a cost saving to the school.

My child travels to school independently, what time are they allowed to arrive by?

They should arrive at school no earlier than 8:40

What times will the minibuses drop off and pick up the students?

Minibuses should arrive no earlier than 8:40 in the morning and they will loaded and ready to leave by 3:10

My child currently gets transport to school, will this stop?

If your child currently has transport, then this will continue.

When will I know what time my child will be picked up in the mornings in September?

Education Transport re adjust routes as each September new students are added to routes and students who have left are taken off the route. They should notify you directly prior to September.

Does this mean that there will be fewer courses for my child to study?

No, there will be the same number of courses and the same choice as there is now.

How will this change affect the supervision of my child during the school day?

There will be an increase in staff available at lunchtimes, this will improve the level of supervision available.

Will my child have time to eat at break and lunchtimes?

Yes, as there is no planned change in the length of break and lunchtimes.

Will you still meet my child’s needs when the school day is shorter?

By having a shorter school day we will still meet your child’s needs and for some children who have a longer journey to school, they will be less tired as they do not need to start until later.

How will you prepare my child for this huge change?

During the Summer Term, the staff team will prepare students for the change that will be happening in September and when they arrive back in September they will be again reminded of the changes to the times of the school day.

What subjects will lose the most curriculum time because of this change?

We are currently in the process of creating next year’s timetable and all subjects will share as equally as possible the reduction in lesson time.

As the school day now starts at 9am and finishes at 3pm, will you be running a before or afterschool club like other schools?

There are currently no plans for this, however, if there is a demand we will consider setting one up.