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Selly Oak Trust School

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Our Learning Community

Selly Oak Trust School is a school for students who have a statement of special educational need and require support to help them access the curriculum and develop into confident young adults. 

We have the necessary resources and staff expertise to support our students in fulfilling their potential delivered by a strong team dedicated to providing exceptionally good access to education. 

On average our class sizes are between ten and fourteen. The majority of classes are benefit from the support of one or more teaching assistant. Depending on need, some students receive targeted tuition in smaller groups and on an individual basis. Where appropriate, there are specific educational and behaviour programmes for individual students, designed to support the development of the whole young person and enable them to fulfil their potential.

Our Vision

“An enjoyable learning community that celebrates equality and the uniqueness of everyone, where students aspire, thrive and achieve the qualifications and skills for life that they need to become independent adults and lead a quality life.”


Our Mission

To give every young person a challenging and appropriate curriculum that exploits their skills and talents at the same time as addressing their core academic and social learning needs. We will achieve this by:

  • Having a flexible, imaginative and creative curriculum that is tailored to the needs of our young people
  • Using the world outside the class room to provide greater experiential learning opportunities
  • Consistently apply systems that develop the young person’s understanding of appropriate behaviour
  • Rewarding and celebrating achievement and positive behaviours
  • Providing  mentoring and other support  required to enable the young person to access the curriculum
  • Having an active student voice that influences developments within the school

This can only be achieved by empowering our staff team to be creative, imaginative and solution focused. Our team will work collaboratively, have an open mind to new ideas and ways of working and will work with all stakeholders for the benefit of our young people.