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Home Learning at Selly Oak Trust School

In Key Stage 2 students will receive a reading book and journal to record their reading journey at home. Please try to read with your child at least two times a week at a time that fits in with your family life and commitments. Reading should be a fun and pleasurable experience to foster a love of stories, facts, poetry and any other written forms that appeal to your child. Regular homework will be set based on topic work, literacy and numeracy in the form of a 'Learning Log.' These will be project based to allow for greater freedom for your child to choose how they present their learning journey e.g. a picture, poem, computer based design, video, lego creation etc. The classteacher will indicate when homework has been set in your child's Communication Book.

In Key Stage 3 (Year 7, 8 & 9) students will receive a Personal Learning Project (PLP) from a range of subjects at the beginning of each half term (please see PLP timetable below). The PLPs are intended to provide students with more freedom over where and when they work on a project based activity linked to their subject. We encourage you to discuss these activities with your child and work out appropriate opportunities to complete the PLP that fit in with family commitments and your child's best working times. If you need any further information about specific subject PLPs please contact the relevant teacher via your child's Communication Book.

In Key Stage 4 (Year 10 & 11) students will receive weekly homework based on the courses they are studying for (Please see timetables below). Homework will need to be completed and returned to the teacher that sets it weekly. This information should be recorded for you in your child's Communication Book.

In Key Stage 5 (6th Form) students are given opportunities to explore and research their courses out of school. This might be through revision exercises, projects, research tasks or reading challenges. Home learning opportunities may be weekly or half-termly depending on the subject.

Below are links to Homework Timetables and PLPs that have been set.

PDF icon KS3 PLP Timetable

PDF icon Year 10 Home Learning Timetable

PDF icon Year 11 Home Learning Timetable

PLPs coming soon