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The Egg Challenge

with Heartlands Academy (Year 8)

On Tuesday 8th March, a small group of Heartlands Academy Year 8 students spent their morning with us in our Science laboratories. The purpose of the visit was to engage our learners with main stream learners to raise their confidence. It also gave our students an insight into Science practical’s in collaboration with other students for an enrichment activity.

Heartlands chose to work with our students on the ‘The Egg Challenge’ practical and also demonstrated the task at the start of the lesson. Three students had bubble wrapped, enclosed and wrapped their eggs in different ways to see if they would be protected if they were dropped from a high window.

            Unfortunately, two out of the three eggs were not protected enough!

Selly Oak and Heartlands students were given the opportunity to learn from the demonstration and work together to build a better structure to surround and protect their eggs. The Science laboratory was busy with fantastic ideas, great teamwork and brilliant enthusiasm by all. Even Ms Beddoes joined in and made her own egg structure!


Students used a range of materials and packaging to make sure their egg was fully protected


All learners gained an immense amount of confidence, social interaction and personal reward from working with others throughout the practical 

Students were given an hour to use the range of materials and produce a structured egg container, before dropping them out of the window.


Some structures had to be modified as they did not fit through the window… 

But most egg structures fitted through the windows perfectly!

The moment of truth was when the students unwrapped their structures to see if their egg had broken or not.


Success rate was 100% with all students producing protective and ‘fall proof’ structures. Lucy said, ‘It was fabulous meeting new people and so much fun!’ while David and Fazal said how the experiment was ‘cool and awesome!’.


‘I am looking forward to going to Heartlands to bring our practical experiment to them!’ – Louise

Selly Oak Trust School would like to thank Heartlands Academy Year 8 students and staff for the wonderful morning they had and are currently thinking of an exciting practical to bring to you.